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Online Mental Trainer (OMT) is a web-based tool that generates a custom mental training program so athletes can improve their performance

Unlike other mental training services, OMT is affordable and gives access to the same information used by pro and Olympic athletes.”

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OMT is an amazing new automated system that:

1) Assesses your mental toughness

2) Creates a customized program

3) It tells you precisely what mental skills you need to learn, in what order and,
exactly how to practice them! 

4) It then gives you access to videos and materials created by some of the best
Mental Trainers in the world who actually teach you the skills. 

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Mental Training, Inc. (MTI) is a Dallas-based company of Certified Mental Trainers® who specialize in enhancing the performance of sport & business participants.

From1/1/10 to 4/30/10, our clients improved over 60% after following their custom Program for 1 month, and over 100% after 4 months.
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